Betabrand pants: Size clarification, please?
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I'm looking at Betabrand's Dress Pant Yoga Pants Boot-Cut • Classic. Can a Betabrand-wearing-person please explain the differences in sizing between small short petite, small petite, and small?

I am short and not willowy.
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Best answer: The difference between those three is the inseam length. A "small short petite" has a 28" inseam, a "small petite" has a 30" inseam, and a "small" has a 32" inseam, but all of them claim to approximate a US size 4-6 in the waist and hips.

(As a fellow short, non-willowy person with a 26.5" inseam, I'm considering giving their short petite inseam a try - it wasn't an option the last time I looked at Betabrand, so thanks for the prompt to investigate! :) )
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Pandora Kouti has it right but I came in to say that Betabrand's sizing is seriously inconsistent. I just bought two pairs during their most recent sale (took forever to get them) and both are petite. One pair seemed to be a standard 30'' petite inseam while the other, though labeled petite, was much longer and had to be hemmed. Just a heads up.
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I have several pairs of these pants. I am somewhat pear shaped so I sized up but they still fit tightly. They aren't uncomfortable, but I have been advised they aren't appropriate for work. Just thought I'd pass that on.
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Pandora Kouti found you the details for the specific pants you mentioned. But if you intend to order any other design, you'll need to check the sizing guide there too: some are designed to be more or less cropped or ankle-length, and you can't always guess how long they'll be. I order "short petite" for most things, but have occasionally needed petite or regular to get the inseam length I needed.
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