Apple two factor ID can't be turned off- are you serious?!
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Apparently this was somehow mysteriously activated for my computer now I apparently can't turn it off.

I've always avoided it and declined to turn it on because it's pain in the ass, and I definitely do not need it.
Do I really have to deal with this nonsense on my devices forever? What if my iphone isn't available to verify something my ipad? What if I'm out of town and my wife tries to use the iPad and needs the stupid code? Did Apple actually make a feature this poorly designed that it can accidentally be turned on but not turned off? Has anyone dealt with this? Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Looking at their instructions for turning it on, it does look as if it would be very easy to accidentally enable on a computer.

Do you know how long ago it got activated? "If you have recently updated your account, you can unenrol within two weeks of enrolment. Just open your enrolment confirmation email and click the link to return to your previous security settings." (From Apple's support page.)

And, clutching at straws here, is it definitely two-factor authentication (which can't be turned off), or could it be two-step verification (which can)?
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Response by poster: ManyLeggedCreature,
Thank you! I knew it could be disabled before two weeks had expired but since I didn't know when it was enabled I assumed that time had passed but I checked and found it was only recently enabled and just turned it off! Thank you for that.
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