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About 10 years ago I bought a cute cream-colored Montbell (possibly Marmot) women's knit baseball cap. It had earflaps that tucked up inside the cap when not in use, and it was THE PERFECT winter hat. When it finally disintegrated I stupidly didn't take it to a crafty person and just have them remake it. Now of course I can't find any cap that's remotely like it. (The earflaps are key.) Perhaps Metafilter can? Thanks!
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Do the earflaps have to tuck inside or can they be on the outside? If outside flaps are okay, maybe something like this REI Earflap Hat or this Patagonia Earflap Hat would work? This Stefano cap has earflaps that tuck inside, but it's nowhere near a cream color. (All of those retailers classify these as "men's" hats, so I am not sure if they will meet your cuteness criteria either!)
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Most of the women's Stormy Kromer caps have an ear band that can be pulled down, but there is 1 with flaps. Wool, not knit, but perhaps would work. They are an Upper Pennisula staple.
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Response by poster: Should have specified: earflaps tucking inside only, please. What I loved about this cap was it was cute and didn't look too lumberjacky. Thanks!
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Like this red one? Also, while searching for that hat I learned that both Columbia and LL Bean made fleece ball caps with fold-in ear flaps and there are some for sale on eBay and Poshmark.
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Mont-Bell Climaplus 200 brimmed cap, tuck-under ear warmer
Brimmed knit beanie, tuck-away ear flaps
Baseball Cap – With Hidden Flaps (knit-look)
[Depending on your hat size, some 'fold up' ear flap styles can be tucked under. Fleece:
The Trailblazer Adventure Hat for Women (baseball cap w/"Drop Down Ear Warmer"); same-company alt; vintage. Mont-Bell vintage.]
[If you have a picture of you in the hat, a craftsperson may still be able to find/adapt a pattern to re-create it.]
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Something like this tweed cap?
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