Can I eat this?
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I have some vegan ‘chicken’ nuggets that have a eat by date of 7th October, they are here (French), and were sold as defrosted. Can/should I eat them today? Translated list of ingredients under the fold. Thanks!

Water, Sunflower oil, cornflour, vegetable fibres, pea protein, cornstarch, corn, thickening agents: methyl cellulose, durum wheat flour, natural flavourings, salt, wheat gluten, potato starch, rice flour, vinegar powder, paprika, turmeric, dextrose, yeast extract, flavours, acidity regulators: soda carbonates.
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I would eat them, but just make sure they just to a high internal temp
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Agreed, I would eat these but might check internal temp of 165F/75C when cooking. My layperson's understanding is that reaching that temperature kills most of the things that would have grown at fridge temperatures and would make you sick, particularly E. Coli and Listeria (not C. Botulinum, but that is very unlikely to grow in this food in the first place).
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As above, heat well and enjoy!

OT: why is there a warning for possible traces of celery and mustard?
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OT: why is there a warning for possible traces of celery and mustard?

They're considered allergens in the EU so if they're made on shared equipment, etc they need to be labeled.
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Thanks fiercekitten! I had no idea about their allergenic properties! Yay EU for being thorough!

(these nuggets sound like they taste good)
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Response by poster: Forgot to update but they didn’t kill me! They were not great taste wise however.
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