Stickies, Whiteboard, Bulletin Board, or Word Doc on Mac
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What digital whiteboard, bulletin board app (or Word) doc would allow me to move existing Stickies into them on my Mac computer (OS Mojave)?

I keep 6-8 multi-colored Stickies stacked up on the side of my desktop with different types of To Do lists on each Sticky note. Yes, I can open all all the Stickies on my desktop, but I'd much prefer having them live inside a digital whiteboard or bulletin board (or Word doc) I want to be able to open open up the app and see my Stickies spread out within the app (or doc) and add or delete To Do items. This is for my personal use only, not for teaching or sharing with a team. I've been unable to drag Stickies into a Word doc or in Notes; they float back into my stack of Stickies off to the side of my desktop. Any suggestions for an app or Office feature that will allow me to do this?
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At least on Windows (or in Teams, which may or may not be part of your Office environment) Microsoft Whiteboard implements its own form of sticky notes which you may be able to organize the way you like within a whiteboard view.

I don’t think the UI is quite the same as the Mac sticky-note app but you still might be able to use it in a similar fashion.

I would doubt that Microsoft has a Mac app for Whiteboard but it’s not impossible.
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I really like the app Tot from IconFactory. It doesn’t have a bulletin board view, but it has numerous tabs, each with a unique color that I find useful for organizing by topic/domain. Each tab contains just your text (plain or rich) with basic formatting functionality like lists. There’s both Mac and iOS versions and they sync instantly in my experience. Less full featured than Notes, often in a good way. It’s replaced Stickies for me and been worth every penny.
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Best answer: This is definitely overkill but the writing app Scrivener has a corkboard feature that does basically this. Only mentioning it because if you're someone who is also working on a writing project, it might be one you'd want to consider.
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Response by poster: Jessamyn, thank you! I work in Scrivener all the time, all my projects. It didn't occur to me to use the bulletin board feature. I'm now setting it up, and it's just what I was looking for right under my nose.
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