Google Calendar For Cool Nature or Cultural Events
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I added NYtimes Astronomy and Space Calendar into my Google Calendar and it shows me potentially interesting happenings like the peak time of various meteor showers around the year. Looking for similar calendars that provide similar reminders.

I am always on the look out interesting, rare natural events to witness. Things like meteor showers, peak firefly season in Great Smoky Mountains, King Tides in the coast. The NYtimes astronomy calendar provides a great reminder of the astronomical events every year. Are there similar calendar put out by other institutions that cover other periodic, rare happenings in nature?

Also looking for similar calendar that cover great cultural events around the world, like festivals and such.
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Looks like has a lot of them, though only the oldest ones are real (and not SEO trash).

Many seem to be dead, so if you find one you like, you might copy its title and go back to Google to see whether someone else has republished it more recently.
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I'm bummed out that this question didn't get more responses! I am trying to be more aware of my local phenology, and the traditions that come with it. For example: when you first hear Spring Peepers (frogs) in my neck of the woods, it's time to plant cool-weather crops like peas and spinach; and Maple Syrup begins to run when the days are above freezing but the nights dip below. But what's happening around the country/world? I want to know!

Perhaps answers to these questions would have to be crowdsourced. Maybe that's the right Ask Mefi question: what is the premier natural event in your neck of the woods? When does it occur? Tell me about it! Because I would add this calendar to MY Google Calendar as well!
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