How to clean cast aluminum grill
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Aluminum body grill: cleaning question

I have a Weber grill with a cast aluminum body, It's undercover during the winter and has a vinyl cover, but this spring when it came time to clean it, I found several patches of a white residue, inside and out which I don't want to get too abrasive with. Anyone know of a good way to clean this?
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I don't want to get too abrasive with

Any reason why not? If it's really cast aluminum, you can sand the heck out of it. I once spent a weekend sanding the valve cover of my engine block (cast aluminum). It started out covered with years of oil and original casting lines. After working through a course of sandpaper (80gt. -> 200 gt. -> 600 gt. -> 1200 gt.) it looks like this.
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aluminum polish
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Bar Keepers Friend is your friend.
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Thanks Civil. I neglected to mention that the grill is finished with black paint on the outside which I don't want to remove.
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