I need audio samples on a website - help!
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Making song excerpts available on a website: How hard is it to set up?

I’m helping some friends set up a pretty basic website for their non-profit. I have most things under control, but there’s one item on their wish list that I’m not sure if I can handle: They want visitors to be able to sample short excerpts from two of their songs (self-produced, currently in .wma format). The hope being that listeners will like the excerpts enough to buy the entire fundraising album. But anyway, is this something a website design rookie like myself can pull off? It doesn’t sound like it should be that complicated – click a button, music plays! But I think I may be underestimating what all is needed behind the scenes. My online research hasn’t gotten me anywhere useful yet. I’m sure the info is out there somewhere, I must just not be looking in the right places! Any points in the right direction are most appreciated!!!
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download audacity edit the audio clip, keep 30 seconds maybe, then use a bit of the code and flash program from here for an embed mp3 player...

audacity won't take a wma (i don't think) so get an mp3 version, or convert it

if you'd like some help let me know
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or you could always do it the old fashion way....< a href="http://www.world-voices.com/resources/addaud.html#350">embed>
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um you could just link to the media files on the site so people could open them up in their player of choice. All you have to do is link to the file as it is (wma might limit mac/lunix heads) and their browser will be smart enough to save and open the files in a media player.
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If the files are in MP3 format you can have them hosted by me for free by heading over to tindeck.com and uploading them. You get a nifty bit of link code to put on your site too:

NB: This is a self link because I host this site, but it is not operated for profit. It was started as a way for members of the musicians subforum on SA to share their original works within our community, and I pay the astounding bandwidth fees out of my own pocket at a significant loss.

I just really love music.
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