Can you help find the current location of this old Vienna address?
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I'm searching for the current location of this address, listed in Adolph Lehmann's directory circa 1928. This was my family's tailoring shop and I'd like to visit its former location. I suspect it was located in Leopoldstadt or thereabouts, but am having trouble making out the name of this street and finding it on a map. I'm not a native German speaker, so maybe this is obvious to someone who is? Here's the close-up of the address. Here's the page from Lehmann's directory
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It looks like it's Greifenedergasse - which I'm totally failing to find
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Best answer: I think it says Greiseneckergasse 18, and I think it's in Vienna. If you enter this in Google Maps, you can see that this address still exists today: Greiseneckergasse 18, Wien.
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Response by poster: That's what I read it as, too, and am also unable to find that street anywhere in a modern city map.
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Best answer: If you click my link you can see it. There is even Google Street View available at the address, and the street sign on the house reads "20., Greiseneckergasse". I'm not familiar with how addresses in Vienna work, but the 20. (XX. in your directory) seems to be the district.
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Best answer: amf has it, the address is Greiseneckergasse 18, in the 20th district.
Here the official map of the City of Vienna.

Vienna has 23 districts, and the postal code system for Vienna includes the district in the 2nd and 3rd digit. First digit, 1, indicates Vienna. Eg. 1200 is the postal code for the 20th district of Vienna, which is called Brigittenau. Leopoldstadt is the second district, postal code 1020. They are, despite the Numbers, neighbouring districts.
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