Trans-friendly psychiatrist in Boston area
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Looking for a trans-friendly psychiatrist in Boston area for college student. Highly preferable if the office is accessible via train line.

Young dancinglamb (YDL) is in Beverly/Salem area and needs to find a psychiatrist for med adjustment and ongoing monitoring. They were previously doing teletherapy through a trans-friendly youth clinic in NYC, but the clinic will no longer continue since YDL is 18 and out of state.

The counseling offered at school is limited at best, so we are trying to find alternatives. YDL is willing and able to go to Boston via train on weekends or Tuesdays/Thursdays when classes allow. The most immediate need is a med adjustment for anxiety and dysmorphia.

Any suggestions or recommendations for psychiatrists, as well as trans-friendly young adult clinics. YDL has indicated that trans-friendly would be great, although not mandatory at this point. We do have insurance (United Healthcare), although co-pays are a big pinch right now, so sliding scale or low(er) pay clinics would be helpful.

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Best answer: If child in question identifies as a young person of color, I can't recommend Boston GLASS enough. They were around even when I was in college (whoooooo....) and they saved me in more ways than I can count.

For a broader spectrum of services, I'd probably check in with Fenway Health. Folks who still live in the Boston area may be able to offer some insights into how the program is nowadays, but I went to Fenway once I'd outgrown the services offered at GLASS (post-college). They also have a Trans Youth Clinic at the Borum Health Center which serves people from ages 12-29. I'd guess, in YDL's case, a lot of their services would end up being free.
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I would suggest contacting GeMS at Boston Children's Hospital and asking for a referral.
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Echoing that Fenway Health is the traditional provider for trans people in Boston and is where I'd try in the absence of a more concrete lead.
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A friend sees someone at Fenway Health, so further confirming that recommendation. They are within a reasonable walk of a green line stop, if I recall correctly.
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