Best tool sources?/Help me find an awesome self-adjustable wrench!
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Where can I find a self-adjusting nut wrench? And more broadly, what are your favorite places to go for tools?

Googling for "self-adjusting wrench" -pipe brings up this (but the release for the spring-loady mechanism is kind of far up the wrench) and nothing else. My friend (who turned me on to this whole idea) has an Olympia Power Grip Self-Adjusting Wrench, which is an absolute joy to use, but impossible to find (a call to Olympia gives me a message that they've apparently gone out of business). would I go about finding other self-adjustable wrench options? Where do you look when you're buying tools?

I'm being so picky because I work in stagecraft, and I spend a lot of time wrenching things, in case you were wondering.
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Do you have access to a Sears?

Next to hardcore professional tools like MAC and stuff, Craftsman from Sears are pretty solid tools.
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PurplePorpoise: Thanks, but I have a nice adjustable (Crescent) wrench, which is what you linked to. I'm looking for a self-adjusting wrench, which Sears doesn't seem to carry.
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How about this?
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I got mine from Jensen Tools a long time ago, before they were assimilated by Stanley.
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I love and use "The Bionic Wrench," despite the dumb name:

Unless, when you say "Hex Wrench" you mean Allen wrenches (which is what I usually mean when I say "hex wrench." Not that I have any clue... :) )
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Unless, when you say "Hex Wrench" you mean Allen wrenches (which is what I usually mean when I say "hex wrench."

Whoops, I meant "nut wrench." Like, a self-adjusting version of a crescent wrench. Sorry.
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I talked to Matt, and he fixed the question. Thanks, soulbarn.
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It looks one of those Olympia wrenches is available on eBay.
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Argh, sorry, that's the pipe-wrench not a hex-nut wrench.
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It probably won't do you much good, but Canadian Tire has self-adjusting wrenches.
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Also check out Harbor Frieght's catalog. (Note that a lot of what they sell is crap made in the absolute cheapest way possible, so if you're looking for quality don't expect it from a $5 Harbor Freight wrench.)
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maybe this - I'm still not clear what kind of tool you're looking for.
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robogrip is god.
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Rhomboid - that's exactly the kind of tool I'm looking for. I got really excited, too, when I saw that they called it a "talon wrench," thinking I could google for it and find some more. But alas, apparently only Harbor Freight calls it a talon wrench.

Do these things have a name other than "self-adjusting wrench"?
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I buy all my hand tools at Hardwick's in Seattle (but their web presence is sub-par). Next time I'm there I'll ask them. I've seen these and heard them called nothing but "self-adjusting wrenches," but that's not very resultifying.

Also, I'm not a fan of the RoboGrip. It slips (in my experience).
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Follow-up in case anyone was wondering: one of the Olympia Power Grip Nut Wrenches (actually a set of two) popped up on eBay, and I snatched them up in a bear trap!

Of course, now that all my co-workers and friends have gotten to play around with it, they've all decided the want one for themselves (co-workers) or as a Fathers' Day present for their dads (friends). If you happen to have a bunch of these, my email's in my profile; I'm pretty sure I can fix that for you.
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Also! I bought a Crescent R2 RapidRench too, just for kicks. I haven't gotten it in the mail yet, but it sure does look neat!
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