Best procreate brushes?
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I have downloaded a few packs of brushes for procreate and have been wildly disappointed. Most of them are just patterns that you can over or underlay something with. I am doing mostly cartooning, pop art, painting and realism. Does anyone have any packs with actually legit brushes that they’ve tried? Which ones?
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Ooh I just wrote up a list for some students! I've kind of impulse bought a lot of them over the years.... Design Cuts has been doing this thing where if you buy multiple packs you get a discount, which is dangerous!

Pencil Brush packs off of Design Cuts:

MaxPacks: these are great, although I don't know that I know how to use the digital painting ones per se. I feel like in the right hands they're incredible, especially if you're drawn to digital painting... I got the retro, comics, and watercolor packs.

Uproot Brushes: got these off Design Cuts too-- I have the watercolor, riso, overlay, and the print pack.

GeorgVW i'll be honest, the drawing examples gave me pause, but actually this one has some of my favorite inking brushes. I have the inktober sets, the elder sketcherman, and the dunce brushes.

TipTop Brushes: Got the Riso brushes in here.

True Grit Texture Supply: got the rusty nib inkers and lithotone.

Vivibrush: have Vivibrush 1 and 3.

Joe Lillington: I got the 6th set recently.
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Seconding True Grit Texture Supply.
I also like the brushes from Retro Supply Co.
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