Can I Eat This: Frozen Mango edition
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I have an unopened bag of chopped-up Dole mango that’s been in my fridge since Thursday. I just read the back and found out it should have been frozen this whole time. Is it still safe to eat?
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Best answer: Of course! You could have a mango sitting out on your counter since last thursday that would be safe to eat.
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As a counterpoint, I wouldn't expect a fresh fruit salad bought on Thursday still to be fit to eat on Tuesday. How quickly does the bag say you should eat the fruit once defrosted?

In my experience, the failure mode for chopped-up fruit is "fizzy", which is immediately noticeable when you touch it to your tongue. A tub of fruit salad left a day too long in the fridge usually has a perceptibly taut top and a fizzy taste.
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Best answer: Chopped mango is not the same, food-safety-wise, as a mango.

That said: eat it. No compunction.
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It's probably safe to eat, but depending on what you're going to do with it, it may not be pleasant. It may be a little mushy - but this wouldn't necessarily be a sign of spoilage. Frozen-and-rethawed fruit tends to just be a little mushy - the act of freezing tends to mush some fruits up a little.

Fortunately all this means is that there are some things you may not want to do with it (eat it like you would eat a fresh raw mango), but there are still plenty of other things you can do (smoothies, fruit fools, etc.). Also fortunately, tasting one small piece would tell you right away if "yo, that's gone bad" and you can spit it out and still be fine. So I'd taste a chunk, and if tastes okay, then you're good to go. It may not have the texture of a raw mango, but it'd probably make a great smoothie.
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