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where do i find analog "simple" clocks and/or clock parts?

i want to make a clock similiar to this one and have the housing parts (bike cogs); i just need the internal clock parts. Note: i know nothing about how clocks run (although I am mechanically rather inclined) so I need a working clock, but something that is so pared down so as to run in any housing I put it in (ie just the motor and hour/minute hands might be sufficient). i realize i can just buy a clock and take off the glass, etc, but starting simpler seems better to me. any suggestions or recommendations?
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You can typically buy a motor/hands combo at any craft store (chains such as Michaels, or independents in your area). Can run from $5 to $20 depending on how fancy the hands are.
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Response by poster: quick addition: in addition to other suggestions, people, following mikepop's answer, can anyone recommend a good independent place in NYC?
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I was going to suggest a craft store as well, or possibly even a custom framing place. The embroidery-based store I work in does custom framing and we often get people who work a clock in cross-stitch, and we provide the guts of the clock for them.
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Send me an email with your address and pay shipping - two bucks or so - and I'll send you a movement powered by one AA battery. Since it's for a bike clock and all. I'm not sure if I have any hands left.
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I bought a 5$ clock movement from, and they proceeded to send me newsletters and snail mail catalogs, despite my repeated opt-out requests. I exchanged email with an actual person, who was nice and polite, but she denied my unwanted mail classified as spam and refused to fix it.

Proceed with caution. Use for spam proffing.

The movement itself, though, was perflectly fine.
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I used clockit. Pretty easy. You don't have to know anything about clocks.
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