Where to eat (possibly take out) in NYC, UWS to NYP?
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As noted in my last question, I will be on the UWS in NYC this weekend and will depart via Amtrak at NYP. I'd like to eat before my 7pm train. I don't plan on eating inside, including any of the semi-enclosed outdoor dining "sheds." Patio or takeaway required. There are a million options, of course, but do you have anyplace you'd recommend in particular at this point in 2021? Any cuisine is good!

As noted for context in the other thread, I'm originally from NYC, and knew ye olde UWS very well, and know/knew the NYC restaurant scene. I realize there may well be 1000 restaurants between my starting point and NYP. I haven't been back since November 2019--the longest I've ever been away from Manhattan in my life, which feels very weird.

I'd like either open air sidewalk dining or take out (if the latter, I'm not certain where I'll end up--I guess Central Park or Bryant Park? Doesn't seem like the better alternative, but would give it a shot).

I'm open to any cuisine and cost is not really an object--however, 1) must be relatively en route walking from UWS to NYP (Bryant Park is the furthest off route I'm interested in); 2) I'm likely going to be wearing a suit, so if I end up with take out, I'd like to to be neat to eat; and 3) it will likely be earlyish (seating at 5:30/6, depending on how much more walking I'll have ahead of me to get to NYP).

Given how long I've been away, I'd like something at least a bit special (at least more special than Gray's Papaya). Thanks!
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I ate at the Hi-Life Bar and Grill in the UWS recently had they had great cocktails and a tasty burger. They have patio seating!
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Where on the UWS are you starting? I’m a big fan of Bahn NYC, a relatively new Vietnamese place, but it’s at 107/Amsterdam, and you probably won’t be that far north.

Maybe grab a sandwich at Pastrami Queen and eat it in Central Park?
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Best answer: Try Bar Boulud or the Terrace at Nougatine. You can get a reservation online for Bar Boulud's outdoor tables. Try calling the Terrace to see if they'll give you a reservation for one, as it doesn't look possible online.

If you don't like that style of food, let me know and I can think of a few other things for you. The big issue is that many of the restaurants on the UWS have "sheds" -- they really vary in how safe / reasonable they feel.
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Also, eating at 5:30 is ideal for what you're looking for -- it's going to be the time the restaurants are the least crowded, by a lot. I often go out at that time for that reason!
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Response by poster: I'll be starting in the mid-seventies. I'd have time (and energy) to go to Hi-Life, but probably wouldn't venture further north, since it's in the wrong overall direction.

In general, I'd probably prefer non-burgers/pub fare (unless spectacular), which is plentiful around Boston.

Rock 'em Sock 'em--I love those ideas. I'd be curious for your other recommendations, but I could easily see myself at Bar Boulud.
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Ella social for tapas or Salumeria Rosi are both spectacular, have good eating and are right around 72nd and Columbus in case you overeat and need to subway to Penn.
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Please trust larthegreat as well, who has fantastic taste in food!
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Response by poster: I went to Bar Boulud and it was great--seated right away outside (granted, it was just after 5:00), had a great meal, and made my train. Thanks Rock 'em Sock 'em!
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I'm so glad it worked out! Thanks for letting us know.
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