Looking for a live streaming play to watch with distant family soon
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Looking for "current live stream theater plays" finds articles from last year, earlier this year, and one free broadcast of the Tony awards. Is there some kind of listing somewhere? Or can you recommend a specific web broadcast? Must be live - the theater controls the timing.

This seems like a fun way to have a shared experience with my dude's parents, who are mostly trapped at home during the pandemic.

I would love to find a broadcast of The Lehman Trilogy -- one of them is a retired economics professor -- but anything that makes you think "This might possibly be cool to watch with educated, artsy 70-year-olds" is interesting to me.

I think the big current Broadway musicals won't be that interesting to us, though.

Personally, I would love...a complex, but not-too-complex, play that isn't too dark.
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A dramaturg named Lauren Halvorsen writes a newsletter called Nothing For the Group that rounds up upcoming shows (live, live streaming, and in-person) with an emphasis on new and interesting work (especially by artists of color and women). Here's this week's.
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You might check with the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia. They have had a robust streaming schedule last season and plan to stream their first two shows this season. They are a really terrific theater, and well worth exploring.
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It's not a play, but I recently saw Return The Moon by Third Rail Projects. I guess the best way to describe it is a gentle community building exercise plus a sort of dance performance? It's about an hour long, and I found it very delightful and touching.
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