Trunk light fuse location.
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Hello; I have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata. I thought the trunk light was burnt out, so I bought a new one-and it does not work. Anyhow, perhaps its the fuse, but I cane seem to find the location for is in the fuse box in the car. I'm hoping someone here knows where it is. Does anyone know? Thanks :-)
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This article shows where it's at. Driver's side close to the door hinges.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I wasn't clear what I am asking.
I know where the fuse box is. I just don't know which fuse is for the trunk light.
Thanks :-)
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I googled "2009 Hyundai Sonata fuse ID" and this came up:
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Very unlikely a fuse, as there are other things likely on that fuse that would not work (the trunk-open sensor itself for example, typically).

Are you sure there isn’t a small switch on the light itself that you might have accidentally switched off? That’s quite common.

Edit: doing a bit of googling I think there’s a switch inside the trunk latch itself that is a not-uncommon failure point on Hyundais. That switch tells the light to come on when you open the trunk. Are you getting any dashboard indication that the trunk is open when it’s not?
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Response by poster: Hi-Yes, I am getting a notification when trunk is open. I will check the on/off switch on that light later--never even thought of that one,lol.
Thanks :-)
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Yeah, there's usually a fuse diagram on the inside of the fuse box, but not likely that there's a fuse for a single light.

You can usually tell if a fuse is blown by pulling it out and looking at it. There's a bit of wire that you can see, if the wire is broken/bunt-looking you have a blown fuse, if it looks rather normal like every other fuse then it's most likely fine. To really check you have to swap with a known good fuse of the same rating (probably printed on it somewhere and available at any auto store and you should have some in the glove-box just in case), or you need a multimeter or some other simple electric conductivity tester.
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If you have never previously changed a fuse there are likely a few “spares” of different amperages in the fuse box itself and labeled as such on the fuse box legend sticker. Likely this one is a 15 amp fuse. But again i doubt it’s a fuse. Check to be sure all safety lighting is working though — brakes, taillights, license plate lights, reverse lights, running lights — just to be safe. Unless your trunk got a large amount of water there’s little I can think of that would short the trunk light circuit on its own.
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Best answer: Oh, and my standard approach *first* would be to stick a multimeter on the failed light to see if it’s getting 12 volts at all. Because even if the fuse is good there would be other causes of a single light failing (if not a bulb) — damage to the wiring somewhere, or built up corrosion on the light’s metal terminals, for example. Do you have a meter? Also not impossible that your new bulb is bad too. It’s happened to me.

If there’s voltage across the light terminals you know it isn’t a fuse.
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Best answer: Sorry to pepper the thread but in decades of working on cars I don’t think I’ve ever seen the *bulb* fail in a trunk or hatch light. That light comes on only when the trunk/hatch is open so it gets relatively little time “on,” and modern automotive bulbs are very durable.
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Yes the bulbs are now more durable than the fixtures, as I have replaced 3 including the trunk one on my Honda.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone--found out it's a wiring
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