Website (or app) for turning a bad day around
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I can't recall the name or URL of a mental health website which was been helpful in the past.

I remember using a website which outlines steps for turning a really bad day around. I remember it being interactive (you click through the steps), and that one of the first steps was drinking a glass of water. I forgot, however, what the URL was.

Tapping into the hive mind, hoping to retrieve it (or a similar online resource or app).

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Best answer: You Feel Like Shit
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Response by poster: Thanks, phunniemee! What a coincidence it was reposted a couple of days ago.
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I know it’s not what you’ve specifically asked, but one thing I’ve found helps me is the idea that letting something ruin your day is like dropping a slice of cake on the floor and deciding to throw away the rest of the cake.
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