I Need Adobe Premier CC without a Subscription Requirement
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I have Adobe Premier Elements, but I need a frame to put multiple videos on the screen at once. I don't think elements can do this. But Premier Pro CC can.

However, I don't want to pay a yearly subscription to use it. I want the most current, full version where I'm not forced to do this every year. If the company offers a 2021 version that doesn't require a yearly subscription, I'm in. But if that's isn't possible, I want the last version before Adobe started requiring yearly subscription. What version is that and how do I get it?
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Response by poster: It looks like Adobe Premier CC will also create a frame. So if Premier and Premier Pro are not the same thing, either will work.
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The last version before CC was CS6. This article talks about how to get it. It also suggests buying a chunk of CC time on amazon so you don't have to subscribe. You can get just a month for $30 if you want to do this one task and not pay $600 for some 10 year old video editing software.
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Part of the issue with CC is that it isn't released in specific versions anymore, since it was subscription-based from the moment it was introduced. The only version you can download is the latest version, and the only pricing model is the latest model, and that's very much intentional on Adobe's part. I've heard some sketchy advice about using paypal to only pay a month and then cancel the recurring payment early, but I'm not sure I'd trust that to be accurate or to not come back to bite you somehow.

If you haven't used Premier Pro CC on a computer before, and you can get what you need to do done in 7 days, then they offer a 7 day trial version, but other than that, it seems like using CS6 or looking at alternatives to Premiere is going to be your best bet.
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iMovie can do this, if I understand the ask correctly (i.e. Brady Bunch effect).
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> but I need a frame to put multiple videos on the screen at once

FOSS software can do this....Olive editor, openshot, shortcut

These two are (mostly free) - and certainly for this use. Hitfilm, DaVinci Resolve
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