How should I format and present my graphic memoir?
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I'm writing/drawing a memoir, and want to plan out the format now. Don't know what I'm doing.

This is a sample page.

However, I've done much more writing and there are longer stories (I'm going to have the equivalent of over 50 8" x 11" typed pages (12-point font) of text). I'm doing this on an iPad Pro, 11" diagonal screen, using an app called Paper, which I love. I also love the iPad pencil. Finally I feel free! (from little unwanted marks on the page).

But, now that there is so much text, the screen seems so small -- especially since I am handwriting the text --(I asked a previous question about this, and tried to post the link, but it would simply not paste the url for that here, although I tried 3 times. Anyway the prior question is not that relevant.)

I think that, first of all, I need to figure out where I'm going to put all these pages up for people to see. I could make a website for this purpose ( I have somebody who could do this for me, but if there is a readymade platform for this sort of thing I'd love to know about it). And keep the pages their current size, and just have a lot of them without pictures, or with e.g. a tiny picture in the corner? I wonder, if I had some pages that are just text, and some with a picture surrounded by text, etc etc (vary the pages), IF there is some way to display them on a website where the viewer just keep scrolling down and down and down so it looks more like a continuous document? Or side-to-side? (so that the extensive text could span more than one page without "seams") (but I REALLY want to keep using the Paper app. It's just perfect for my needs and i already have about 40 pictures done with it so I would like the uniformity of style).

I realize I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about, and that's because I don't. I am utterly new to this. Well not utterly - I (horribly) scanned some crappy pencil drawings I did and put them on a Blogger thing:

So one problem would be having multiple pages of just text (because the format is just too small to continue with a few sentences and a large drawing per page), and another is: where should I put this graphic memoir when I'm done that will make my Paper-app pages look the best and make it easy for people to flip from page to page or scroll down a document, or -- Something.

Here are a couple more pages, just to show you different amounts of text, my style, etc.:

Here and (pre-colored) Here

Any ideas welcome. thank you
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Response by poster: ugh the link to blogger didn't work. Here it is:

I don't want my graphic memoir to look like this mess!
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I think you should look at Lynda Barry, a cartoonist/memoirist who uses lots of handwritten text and also drawings. Mostly she publishes books, but her Tumblr features some pages from her works and they look just fine!
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Response by poster: I am familiar with Lynda Barry (and Roz Chast, and Crumb-Kominski, etc). I'm not seeing a lot of text. I'm seeing classic panels on one page, so, when you look at each panel separately, it's actually a drawing with a little bit of text. Also, I"d like my graphic memoir to be one document. Barry's tumbler is more like a diary (a "blog," or whatever), with "entries." That's not what I'm going for. But thanks!
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Look at the "webtoon" format - here's a good looking breakdown comparing "webtoons" to traditional comic book formats
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Best answer: Issuu can publish a digital page-turning book/magazine. Have a look at some of the graphic novels published there to see if the page turning and full-screen options would work for your idea. Issuu allows any page size, and you can upload standard formats. I don't know what file types Paper exports to, but assuming it can export to PDF, that'd be fine.
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Best answer: I don't have answers to all these questions but I bet you could get a lot of answers from the Sequential Artists Workshop's Graphic Memoir Working Group. They have a two week free trial period.
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