Selling Cracked iPhone for Least Tears, Max Money
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I have an iPhone XS with a cracked screen which works fine and has decent battery (85%). I would like to sell it to a reseller to get the maximum money and least sketchiness (i.e can get the phone back if the quote is bad). Where should I go? I would like to get somewhat more than the what Amazon and Verizon are quoting (~$90), but no I'm not going to be getting the near $200 that some companies are telling me.
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If you fix the screen, probably <$100, you can sell for more.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Screen repair seems to run $120-$!40 here in Brooklyn. Also Swappa like many other places does not take any phones with cracked screens.
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Not a reseller, and it doesn’t sound like this is your thing, but you CAN most likely get around $200+ on Ebay.
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Response by poster: artdrectr-- I am reallly leery of scammers on ebay, but will look into how to minimize those chances (in my next question)
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I’ve sold old phones on eBay, and I assume broken ones mostly go to smaller resellers (who may resell on eBay). The problem isn’t so much scammers, it’s that eBay prioritizes buyer happiness over seller happiness, so the downside is more like having to refund and list again vs. phone effectively stolen (if you use eBay payment system and shipping address). Look at the eBay info on how to reject a buyer if someone with bad ratings or who feels shady buys your phone.
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I have used eBay for this and was happy with the deal.
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Apple has both a recycling program and a trade-in program depending on where you are.
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