Please dress me in muppet fur
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Are you familiar with the ultra soft, warm and velvety plush synthetic fabric that "wearable blankets" i.e. Snuggies are made of? I'm looking for cold weather tops/jackets that are made of that fabric or similar BUT appropriate for wearing outside my home -- so not knee-length and hugely oversized. Softness is paramount to my comfort these days, and this fabric is key.

Also nice to have are no fasteners (snaps in particular are a special hell for my hands), neutral or dark colors, and some style (I keep picturing a normal tunic-length top with a generous, dramatic cowl, but heck if I can find one in this fabric). Full zip or quarter zip tops with stand collars could also work. All in larger women's or unisex sizes -- I'd like the fit to be loose. Online shopping sources especially appreciated, but even if you can offer search terms, that'll help. It's hard to believe this fabric isn't being used in more mainstream clothing; I can find bed blankets in this type of "velvet fleece", but am not up to the task of using those to build some clothes at present. Show me the muppet fur!
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Response by poster: I forgot to include -- hoodies aren't what I'm looking for
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Best answer: Are you familiar with teddy coats? Not the exact same material, but I think this is in the vein of what you’re looking for. I got one from Uniqlo last year and it’s indeed very comfy. They range in price because they were pretty “in” for a minute.
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I had a jacket I bought from Costco a few years back made from that material, I loved it.
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Best answer: Take a look at Patagonia's casual fleece lines, particularly the Synchilla, Retro-X, High Pile, and Los Gatos lines. Here's a parka-length jacket made of Muppets, this is a hoodie but nothing's cozier than a kangaroo pocket, and here's a snap front shawl collar. Patagonia is typically good for boxier cuts accommodating larger sizes.
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Best answer: It’s a full-zip, but “butter fleece” from Free Country is velvety soft.
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Best answer: 100% Polyester Super Soft Fleece / Sherpa Fleece: KIRUNDO Fuzzy Fleece Sweatshirt Faux Shearling Sherpa Pullover Zipper Warm Jacket Coat Outwear, Softest Fleece Snap Neck Pullover, Athletic Works Women's Athleisure 1/4 Button Sherpa Pullover, Boxercraft 1/4 zip pullover

High-pile fleece/ "high-pile, Silken raschel fleece" - North Face Osito 1/4 zip pullover, various plush Osita zipped jackets

100% Polyester faux fur - poncho; cowl tunic with faux fur trim 1, 2

Vegan Faux Fur - 1/4 zip pullover
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UNIQLO makes a Fluffy Yarn Fleece jacket that I think is what you want. I have a green one from a few years back that I’ve always thought of as my Oscar-the-Grouchskin coat.
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Best answer: 1. Go to Joann's Fabrics or other place where patterns are sold and find a jacket / tunic / coat that looks like what you want.
2. Go to a local alterationist/seamstress/tailor with a sample of the fabric and ask if they can make that pattern with the sample you have in mind -either for the whole piece, _or_ as the inside of the sleeves/coat/collar where it will be in contact with your skin.
3. If they assent, ask them for a price, and ask them if they will purchase the fabric or if you will need to purchase it. You may have to pay some money up front for the fabric in any case?

This will not be as fast as purchasing it online and having it shipped, necessarily, but it will probably take less time than you imagine, and you will have the thing you want in the fabric you want, fitted to you.
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Best answer: Minky may be a search term for you. It's a very soft fleece often used for baby blankets.
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Response by poster: Y'all are awesome and seriously upped the chances I'll be warm and snuggley soft this winter. I've placed a couple of small orders to test drive items (teddy coat was a very useful term; Shein has them in extended sizes and non-blankety styles, unsure about quality, but we'll find out soon enough). I'm also going to buy a king size velvet blanket so a seamstress friend can use the fabric for something posh and stylish for me, pattern TBD. Still surprised this fabric isn't as ubiquitous as Polarfleece in apparel, but maybe we'll start a trend :)
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Uniqlo makes yarn fleece in non hoodie jackets. I have one in orange, and it basically looks like I’m wearing Fozzie Bear hide. It’s very soft and extremely warm. Cheap too…
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Response by poster: Just in case this update helps someone else -- I found zip-front, non-hoodie jackets from 32Degrees on and they are the fabric I've been looking for, velvety soft and plush. 32Degrees is calling it "luxe fur" on their website ("plush" on the Costco site). I'm wearing one right now and am very happy with it. Nothing special in the way of style, but cozy as all heck.
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