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Working on a TV show in Vancouver BC and I need some vintage leather pub chairs. Does anyone know (from LA through Seattle) , where used restaurant furniture goes? Is it all sold into auction? it's really weird, I've done a ton of searching and can't seem to find any warehouses that sell collections of vintage chairs and tables.
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For larger businesses, chains, or those attached to a hotel you'll typically see things auctioned off through somewhere like Kwik or Able in lots. Smaller businesses usually sell to a liquidator like Anzico or directly to another restaurateur.

I think Anzico is probably your best bet since they actually offer film industry services.
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When I worked on political campaigns in Northern California, we would use a business called Office Liquidation or Poor Honey's or Eco Office furniture. All of these businesses trade in used furniture and could offer what you are looking for. I hope it helps.

You might also try Prop rental houses in Los Angeles. They would probably be more expensive but would have a very exact match to your dressing.
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TR Trading in Gardena (south of LA proper) has mostly office stuff but sometimes has restaurant stuff. Call them because their website isn't always up to date. They do a lot of movie business.
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Since I'm not familiar with what a pub chair looks like, I can't give a specific recommendation, but I just did a Google search for "salvage furniture bar restaurant pub" and got a ton of local results for Los Angeles, and a few of them definitely had collections of used and vintage restaurant/bar furniture. That may help your search?
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Not vintage-vintage, but Martin's on Lougheed and Brunette (in Coquitlam, about a half hour from downtown Vancouver) does custom "retro" furniture.
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Maybe this falls under "So obvious I already tried it", but there are so many tv shows & movies shot in Vancouver that there has to be a fairly large prop rental industry. Googling lands at least half a dozen prop companies, including Vancouver Prop & Costume, whose landing page features pics of industrial shelving literally full of furniture.

And yeah in general seconding "furniture liquidators."
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