Stupid iPhone stopwatch stops me from stopping it
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Why does my iPhone show a countdown timer instead of the stopwatch when I'm running?

I go running. I like to listen to podcasts so I bring my iPhone. Since I have my iPhone with me, I use it as a stopwatch.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had an iPhone 4. It worked as expected: start stopwatch, run, stop stopwatch.

Now I have a 6S and I have a problem stopping the stopwatch. At the end of my run, I swipe up on the screen and press the clock icon. But, instead of the usual world clock/alarm/stopwatch/timer screen, I'm shown a ten-minute countdown timer. I can't swipe left or right to get to the stopwatch. Instead, I have to wait about half a minute until the stopwatch is available again.

Why does my iPhone show the timer not the stopwatch? How do I prevent this from happening? What's the quickest way to access stopwatch?
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How is your Control Centre configured? (Settings > Control Centre.) I can't reproduce your problem (newer iPhone), but I see that the Stopwatch can be included independently of the Timer.
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Best answer: At the end of my run, I swipe up on the screen and press the clock icon.

I don’t know why you’re getting stuck on the countdown timer, but the current iOS version allows you to add a stopwatch button to the control center, which opens the clock app with the stopwatch shown first.
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Best answer: The current version of iOS allows you to add different icons to the Control Center, and there are separate icons for Alarm, Countdown Timer, and Stopwatch.

Take a look at this page from Apple, which list all the icons that you can add to Control Center. You may be tapping on the Countdown Timer icon instead of the Stopwatch icon.
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The quickest way to access the timer on a 6S is Siri. I assume the same thing would apply to the stopwatch.

When I'm cooking I just say "Siri, set a ten-minute timer" and he replies to confirm it.
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Response by poster: I added the stopwatch to the control centre and was able to access it at the end of my run.
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