German websites you follow?
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German-speaking Mefites - what German language blogs or (non-news) websites do you follow? SFW preferred.

Almost all media I consume is in English and I'd like to change that. I'm looking for German language websites/blogs/Twitter accounts to follow that are either quirky or informative or ... I don't know, have at least a similar vibe to Metafilter (in a very broad sense).
Note that I am NOT looking for sites aimed at language learners but rather sites that German-speaking folks read. Political content is fine but I'd prefer no strict news sites.
Thanks for any recommendations!
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When I was a student (15 years ago....) I used to hang out a lot on jetzt (run by Die Süddeutsche Zeitung) and neon (run by Stern).

I haven't been there in forever, so no idea what the vibe is now, but I remember a good mix of content by actual journalists and user-generated-content, curated by actual journalists (who were also often active in the comment sections, so you had a certain degree of moderation). It's all very targeted towards twenty-somethings however.

If you're into music and pop culture I can also recommend fm4.

Leselupe is a bit like a German Absolute Write, with a stronger focus on workshopping texts and less shop-talk (probably also fewer selling writers as members).
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On twitter I follow

@stefansargnagel (writer, cartoonist, all around Austrian icon)
@kathrinpassig (writer, journalist, tweets a lot about technology)
@JuliaPuehringer (journalist, film critic)
@SophiePassmann (writer, radio presenter)
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I used to read jetzt as well. The football magazine Rund ceased printing in 2007 (I swore it was more recent than that, how time flies), but continues as a website. 11 Freunde is the surviving "intellectual" football magazine.
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