What type of art frame is this?
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I recently saw this art print hung on a wall of a store, 12 inches square (I tracked down the print by Caitlin Keegan here). I would like to buy the print and hang it in a similar frame, but don't know the words to Google for it. What type of frame is it?
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Best answer: It's a magnetic frame hanger.
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Best answer: I bookmarked this Etsy listing like a year and a half ago from some long lost metafilter comment from someone who had purchased and been pleased by these in particular.

I still haven't got them myself because moving was hard and it's like March 565th and I have done fuck all creatively in a long time. But the bookmark still lives on in my file of things I will buy to prettify my house.
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Response by poster: Wow, amazing! I definitely would not have known what the words were to describe these frames. Thanks so much, and if anyone else has any specific recommendations on frames, they would be appreciated. Those Etsy ones look perfect too.
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I bought an Artmag one to put an oversized print above my headboard, and it's been fine. See also: hangerframes.com
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Poster Rails
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Best answer: I have several poster frames from that Etsy link phunniemee posted and can vouch for their quality! I love poster frames for their versatility, because I switch out what I display several times a year and it couldn't be easier.
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