Tips and books for starting bullet journaling?
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I would like to know more about bullet journaling. Is there a website or book that you have found to be particularly helpful for doing this? I am less interested in stickers and more interested in approaches to being productive.
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There's a Facebook group called Minimalist Bullet Journals that's less stickers, more content. You might find it helpful.
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Best answer: Ryder Carroll wrote a book called The Bullet Journal Method and it lays out the approach and the reasons behind the different parts.
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Bullet journalling for software engineers (and other not-necessarily-artistic people) (caveat: I don't find bullet journaling helpful, but that's no reflection on that link, which AFAICT is an accurate and concise overview).
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Best answer: The Ryder Carroll book written above is the way to go. He's the guy that created the system and that is what bullet journaling is and deals with using bullet journalling to be productive. It is a little longer than it needs to be but it's a good book to take what you need from it. The bullet journal website has a good solid basic beginners guide free. The stickers and stuff is decorating a bullet journal and non compulsory.
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YouTube also seems to have a sizable bullet journal contingent and I agree, searching for minimalist layouts got me more ideas I would actually use. It took some trial and error but I do $5 Artist Loft journals from Michael’s and one pen and that’s it, ten minutes on a weekend morning to set up my week, and I’ve kept it up for probably four or five years now.
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I have the Ryderr Carroll book too. It's a little wordy, IMHO, but it covers everything pretty well. It does require a bit of copying stuff back and forth, and it does request you use an actual notebook and pen as putting pen to paper is an important part of bullet journaling.
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I read the book Dot Journaling―A Practical Guide earlier this year, while trying to figure out my own planner system/practice. (Note: dot journaling = bullet journaling; I assume there's a trademark issue or something). It was a good overview of both the nuts and bolts of the planning, as well as a nice survey of the some of the artistic trends in the space, and ideas for trackers and lists you might like keeping. I was able to check it out as an ebook from my library.
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nthing Ryder Carroll's book. I do probably the most limited version of bullet journaling there is, and it's because of that book. I don't really bother with any fancy layouts but use it for my daily notes.
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