Streaming from my old Mac to non-smart TV in Australia
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My old (2011) Mac Air and a non-smart Sony Bravia tv previously used to connect via hdmi cable, but this has stopped working (I think it's a faulty laptop port because I replaced the hdmi cable). I'd like a wireless streaming device that will let me watch all the services - netflix, prime, etc, as well as local streaming (sbs on demand, abc iview, tenplay, etc)

I've tried so hard to find the answer to this on my own, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to understand my options and limitations.

- For some reason, only netflix and prime will play using Chrome. Local streaming only works with Safari
- I'd prefer not to use Amazon or Google for privacy reasons, but will if no other option
- Currently on MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.6. I don't think my antique laptop will support anything later
- Needs to be Australia compatible

Are my streaming device dreams realistic or impossible?
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An Apple TV or Chromecast plus AirParrot will do the trick.
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Best answer: I have a Roku Streaming Stick+, and I can use AirPlay to stream pretty much any video/audio source from my iPad to the Roku stick. I can't see why it wouldn't also work from an iMac.

(FWIW, my iPad is several OS versions old, and it still works fine)
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I realise you've specified no Amazon or Google, but the current Chromecast with Google TV will do all of the things you want it to. I'm using one (an AU version) and it's easy to setup, use, and has all of the AU services you mention, plus the ability to stream over your local network.
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Best answer: An Apple TV will solve all your problems - it will run the streaming apps itself and output to HDMI, and should allow you to cast from your laptop to the screen should you desire.
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