Can’t find this bag I really need for a hospital trip
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I found a specific backpack somewhere online and was waiting to buy it til I had a little more money. It’s primary application would be going to the hospital with me for surgeries, and I have a surgery coming up Thursday and am hoping they’re somehow still open and I can overnight it to be here in time. I don’t remember the brand, but…

… it has a bottom insulated cooler compartment, I think it was mostly black?, and it has a charging port of some kind. USB maybe? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?
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Was it this SLOTRA backpack? It's not black, but it does have an insulated compartment and a USB charging port.
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CoolBELL Lunch Backpack (15.6 Inches Laptop Backpack with Insulated Compartment / USB Port)? Another; another. (Best wishes for your surgery.)
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Response by poster: Neither of those but thanks! Anyone else know what bag this might be?
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Did the bottom insulated cooler compartment completely separate, like this?
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Response by poster: Just the entire bottom of the bag was a zippered sort of cooler compartment.
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These don't have a charging port, but are they similar to what you want? One | Two

(Best wishes for your surgery!)
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Any chance you might be able to find it in your browser history? I don't clear out my history often, and Firefox has sites I've browsed going back about 18 months, and there's an option to search within.
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