Possible to stop downloading security patch to my Apple 11 iphone?
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My DSL is frequently insufficient for the needs of Apple's updates, hence I have auto-updates turned off. I didn't realize the "patch" would involve a full update. I blithely started the patch and now my phone and all other devices have ground to a halt for approximately 8+ hours -- but I know from experience I am locked in a loop from which I will never recover! Blast!

I have "paused" the download by putting my phone on airport mode (no wifi = no connection for download) but ... effectively I have no service for Roku, ipad, etc.

Any suggestions for forcing the download to cease and desist? Other ideas?
Help me, please. I hate that this happened again, and that it is my fault.
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Best answer: You can cancel an iOS update download in progress by going to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage, find the update and tap on it, then tap Delete Update.
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Response by poster: Thanks for that info.

It might have worked if 14.8 had not fully or partially (308.8 mb?no, wait, it is now up to 1.7!) completed the download in a ridiculously short period of time, then blew up my internet connection, leaving me without Roku/Amazon Prime/Netflix -- my only source of entertainment because... captioned. Attempts to reconnect have failed.

Okay once I lost my kindle, I deleted the update as above, restarted the phone, and now I will attempt to get my internet back. Hearty curses ringing off the walls!

Have I mentioned I hate Apple? Oh, I didn't?

Never mind, I'm ranting. I am going to go chew on a wire and see if that helps!
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Response by poster: Success!

Thank you, zsazsa for your kind reply. <3
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