Resources for teaching free speech/hate speech/disinformation?
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Hi MeFis! I'm teaching English 102 online and my students are eager to discuss issues surrounding free speech, hate speech, and disinformation/fake news. All of my resources are a bit dated, and I was wondering if anyone had resources for teaching these topics in this our current moment of chaos? I'm looking for articles that can be used to frame the conversation, online activities, or other pedagogical resources/techniques. Thank you so much for your help!
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I can't point you to specific resources off the top of my head, but I would expect the Anti-Defamation League to have good materials regarding hate speech and disinformation/fake news and the ACLU to have good materials regarding free speech.
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I am interested in this subject as well. I recently came across this in the blue and other places. Love to see what else is found!
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This was posted here on mefi in the thread on the Jan 6 Capitol attack and I found it thoughtful and well done. Facing History has a ton of other resources available, maybe some will suit your needs.
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This Progressive Style Guide is thorough and contains lots of info about word choice and how to write about marginalized populations generally.
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The Chicago Principles would be a good primary document; the Wikipedia article has some background and links to discussion.
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Stanford's Civic Online Reasoning is a lesson on how to evaluate information
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There's good stuff out there on mis/disinformation!
Calling Bullshit has lots of resources, including a series of class lectures that the authors did.
Daniel Russell's book Joy of Search is also really helpful.
Crash Course has relevant Youtube videos, like Anti-Vaxxers, Conspiracy Theories, & Epistemic Responsibility.
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