IKEA Ceramic Bird Mystery
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Another "What the hell is this IKEA product called?" question: I shattered the smaller grey counterpart of this ceramic bird ... thing. I can't find an image of it/them anywhere online to replace. Naturally, they were my partner's favorite kitchen decoration, so I'm feeling the pinch. What is this called?
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What does it do? Is it just decorative, or does it serve a purpose (vase, pitcher, salt shaker, etc.)?
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Best answer: LÄTTSÅLD Vase/carafe, set of 2, penguin/black gray.

Does not appear to be currently in production (I wouldn't order from that link!) but try eBay maybe?
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Can't vouch for this site, either: Ikea LATTSALD Decorative Ceramic Vase/Carafe, Set of 2, Penguin Black Gray NEW
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If you cannot find one, it's good you have a photo reference! My move next would be to find a cool ceramic person on Etsy and have a commissioned piece done of something similar.
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eBay has a photo search feature.
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