Where to get a body fat % test
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Where can I get a body fat percentage test? Any reasonably-accurate method.

I used to get an annual body fat percentage test to get a discount on my health insurance. I found it sort of useful to know whether I was putting on fat or muscle. I got a caliper test which I know is not the most accurate thing but it was always the same person doing it and I was only looking for broad trends anyway.

Now we've moved cities and changed insurance but I'd still like to track this every year or so. Are there places that will do body fat percentage tests without you being enrolled in some kind of program?
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Best answer: Depends on your city, and have you asked your new doctor? They may have basic calipers in the office, or local recommendations. In my city, one-off testing appointments are possible (enrollees in programs get discounted rates) at sports-medicine clinics and nutritionists; some gym/fitness/wellness-type places; etc. Check Dexa Scan locations and mobile-lab hydrostatic testing near you, too. [If you're only interested in broad trends, informally, there are consumer calipers and scales w/apps (links to examples, not recs).]
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If you live near a major research university, their exercise/sport science department might offer things like free BODPOD testing. (This is true in my city; campus employees and students get discounts and/or insurance perks, but the service is available to the general public, too.)

If your preference is just to track overall trends, and you'll take cheap/quick/convenient over high-tech/accurate, you can also just pick a body fat estimation method you like, invest in a cheap cloth tape measure, and log your measurements at regular intervals using a spreadsheet.
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In Seattle there's a Body Fat Test truck that has scheduled locations, you make a reservation online and show up for a dunk-tank (hydrostatic) test, and pay them directly. They have locations around the country, maybe one is close to you?
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