Google Bookmarks: didn't we just go through this with Google Reader...
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After September 30th 2021, Google Bookmarks will no longer be supported. I've got many bookmarks saved. Any recommendations for where to move all of my bookmarks?

I moved all of my links etc. from to Google Bookmarks years ago. Now I've got to move them all again by the end of September. I choose to see this as a great opportunity to go through and weed them before moving them to a new internet home. But where will their internet home be???

Must be online (need to access from multiple devices, so no desktop options).
Must be accessible from both desktop and mobile devices (no apps that are designed for phone only, etc)
Must have ability to easily create and assign labels. Must be easy to search by labels in both desktop and mobile.

I still miss finding new and interesting stuff by clicking through labels to other people's links.

I'd rather it be text-based than picture-based, like Pinterest. I'd rather it be a standalone site where I can create an account than a subsidiary of google/facebook/etc, or require one of those accounts to log in.

Me and my giant pile of bookmarks thank you.
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Best answer: I have enjoyed Pinboard for many years. It is very no-frills. It does cost money.
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The built-in account syncing in Chrome and Firefox works for bookmarks on desktop and mobile devices, but I don't believe either supports labels. You can organize bookmarks in folders though.
posted by hankscorpio83 at 8:57 AM on September 13 [2 favorites] is where a lot of refugees landed. Simplepin app on iOS is free and works well enough.
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I do love Pinboard--I ended up there after, and have been happy and satisfied with it, including the ability to click around in other people's bookmarks (though of course it also has a privacy feature, so anyone can have a bookmark that's not visible to others if they prefer that).
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Pocket. You can find it at

I use the browser extension and the iPhone/iPad app. Integration and sharing is seamless and it's platform-agnostic. I can even use Reeder to send bookmarks to Pocket to read later.

You can also set it to be picture or text-based, and clicking on a link opens it in a reader-friendly interface (you can also open it as a normal web page).
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Another vote for pinboard
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I like
You can have tags, html formatted notes, and the same bookmark can be aliased in multiple hierarchical folders.
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The built-in account syncing in Chrome and Firefox works for bookmarks on desktop and mobile devices, but I don't believe either supports labels.

Firefox supports labels (tags) but does not support an extended description field, only the bookmark title.
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Best answer: One more vote for Pinboard. I also moved all of my bookmarks to Google bookmarks, then moved them to Pinboard about three years ago. It does cost money, but I liked it well enough to renew into a five year plan. The UI is very web 1.0, but the tag editing functionality is better than anything else I've used. Currently managing about 4,000 bookmarks. If you go with Pinboard, don't bother to try and clean them up before importing, just add a new tag to all of them to mark that they came in on the initial import and you can curate as you go along. And add the "popup with tags" bookmarklet to your desktop browsers.
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Best answer: I use Pinboard. It's run by one guy, who has other interests — so bugs get fixed and data exports enabled on a fairly intermittent basis.

There isn't an official app, but Pinkt on Android and Pinner on iOS work OK.
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I have both pocket and pinboard, and maybe pinboard's not optimized as much for app use/on mobile, but i much prefer that for the no-frills web 1.0 option. Pocket is quite decent as well, if you like the more modern expectations (eg excerpts, recommendations, ease of linking and saving on mobile...)
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Yep, Pinboard. Moved there after the demise of and never looked back. Use bookmarklets.
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Another vote for pinboard. Ticks all your boxes and more. With archiving you get full text search in all saved pages, even if they are pdfs. With archiving it's not cheap, but definitely worth it.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! It looks like Pinboard is exactly what I need. Now, the pre-migration weeding begins...
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