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How many too-small lemons* does it take to make two small lemons?

*15-20 grams each

(I know, I should probably just use vinegar or tomatoes or sauerkraut or something. But we have more than two too-small lemons (and more Moroccan lemons than we can use or give away) so I may as well use more or less what the recipe actually calls for.)
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what part? juice, zest, whole slices.... ?
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Response by poster: Juice!
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Response by poster: Though I may as well zest 'em and use that, too.
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Best answer: According to this page, one small lemon has about 3 tablespoons of juice, so start juicing your little lemons and keep going until you have 6 tablespoons of juice.
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Best answer: Here's a source that says the juice of one small lemon equals 3 Tbl. Since you already ready have the lemons, you can just squeeze 2-3, measure the juice and then add more as needed.
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Also, you probably already know this, but lemon juice freezes well! I juiced and froze a bunch last year when it was getting hard to get grocery delivery.
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