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Unpleasant gut reaction to CBD gummies. Airy details within. Apologies in advance.

So. CBD works really well for my anxious nerves and I’m very grateful… it just calms things down.

I unfortunately have a very gassy reaction (sorry) that makes it almost a non starter and that’s frustrating to be this close to a solution after so much trial and error.

What I tried: CBD oil dropper 30mg/dropper with MCT oil. Terrible gas and loose stool. Even with half a dropper, though way less than that time I took two droppers. Thought it was the MCT. So then I tried one wyld huckleberry gummy I think 50mg and was just terribly gassy. All the ingredients looked benign and no MCT. But wow did it work to just chill me the f out.

So what now? Anything to take along with the gummy to stop the gas? What is the biological mechanism behind the gassy reaction? Do I have to vape instead (I really don’t want to go down that route for my lungs and I’m not into that delivery method, long story).

Side note: I have similar response to omega oils eg., Udos oil, though worse when the bottle had been open a while.

Thanks everyone & peace to you
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Best answer: Can you try a water-based tincture? I'm not sure what the oil and the gummy have in common but I can tell you that I have had intestinal disruption from lots of types of gummies (like gummy vitamins).
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Any chance the gummies contain something like sorbitol or other sugar alcohols? Or inulin/chicory fiber as a thickener? All of those can contribute to gassiness. Maybe try papaya enzyme tablets with your next gummy and see if that helps.
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This is pretty basic, but have you tried gas-x or beans? You could also try activated charcoal, but not at the same time you take the gummie, since it might prevent absorption.

I am not a dr, i am not a pharmacist, i am just someone who is very gassy in general
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Best answer: I take Caliper, a brand of powdered CBD, that might be worth looking into as a delivery method. I take the straight powder instead of the flavored ones, and it’s fine. I can taste it a little in water, but coffee or tea covers the flavor.
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Best answer: Have you tried a topical CBD balm? I use a tiny amount (like, 1/8 tsp or less) of this CBD balm at night to help me sleep, and it works very well. It doesn't seem to matter where I put it, and it definitely has a strong relaxing effect even though I don't ingest it. I have also used similar products from other brands and they have worked equally well.
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I also largely prefer topical CBD - I was using it for joint pain and for a while assumed I was sleeping better because, you know, my joints weren't hurting. But after my pain resolved I figured out by accidental trial and error that yeah, I was getting additional relaxation benefit from it as well.

I'm bad at math but I believe the more expensive (and wonderfully-scented) salve on that page is more concentrated and a little goes a long way, so I suspect it's approximately the same bang-for-buck as the roller, which does smell faintly like weed and is a bit greasy and needs to be rubbed in. You may want to ensure cooler weather between your location and Oregon if buying the salve, but I have had one tin show up ripping hot and completely liquid from the fedex van and it resolved back into a firm non-separated balm after a few hours on the counter.

But it's worth taking a gas-x with your gummy/tincture and see if that'll let you finish what you've already got.
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Response by poster: Thanks y’all, beano did the trick. Who knew!
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