What's that smell? "La Source" by Crabtree and Evelyn
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I received a Crabtree and Evelyn foot scrub a few years ago as a gift, stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. I started using it recently only to discover that I loooooove the scent. It reminds me of a Fa bubble bath I used back in the 80s. Can you help me identify what the scent is so I can find something similar?

The actual "La Source" line has been scaled back, and what's left is very expensive here in Canada.

Their description: Crisp marine accords blend with petigrain, basil and warm amber notes. I'm pretty sure the Fa bubblebath I liked was juniper scented.

Cream/lotion would be best, but I'd buy a perfume if I had to.

Thank you!
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Best answer: I got curious and started researching!

The perfume-fan database "Basenotes" has an entry on La Source - they describe the actual makeup of the scent is "Marine notes, Petitgrain, Basil, Seaweed, Amber". Fa brands doesn't seem to make that kind of Bubble Bath any more, but Amazon has a couple of ghost listings for it as the "Fresh Green" if this picture rings any bells for you.

Unfortunately I can't find any other scent that exactly matches, but over on Fragrantica there is a listing for a men's cologne, Aqva Pour Homme Marine, that has a similar makeup; it's got the marine notes and the pettigrain and amber, but it also has some citrus notes. (Also unfortunately, it seems like Crabtree & Evelyn has retired a lot of its older scents.)

My hunch is that it's the ocean/seaweed notes you're responding to. Those links above have some further links to where you may be able to track down some La Source products online; or, you could have a try at the descriptions of scents over at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - that's a fun indie perfumer that leans into a "fandom" following (to wit: one of the scents they have with "seaweed" In the makeup is inspired by Cthulhu). They also let you order teeny sample-size bottles called "Imp's Ears" of a lot of their scents, so you could get a few of them and play around and see which comes closest.
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C&E have ditched a bunch of men's shaving scents that I loooooooved. I have one tub of shave cream left and the ends of two tubes. *sniffle* They break my heart.

I know there are web communities for shavers who can make suggestions; surely there are similar sites for folks who love products like your foot scrub.
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