Looking for a satire of American international policy
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There's a book called "The ______ American." I can't remember the middle word. It's a not-at-all veiled satire about a US diplomat who travels abroad.

Without the middle word, my Google hands are tied. I think it's something like "The Good American" or "The Kind American," a word that describes how the American wants to think of himself, and how the US itself wants to view itself. It's a biting critique of the US. I think the plot involved a mop or a broom? I read it around 2003, so it would have been written in the 1990s or earlier.
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Best answer: Ugly?

More likely:

The Quiet American
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Best answer: The Ugly American does have a sub-plot about making brooms out of local plants, but I wouldn't say it was about that.
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Response by poster: It's The Ugly American! Thank you!
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It’s from the 1950s — what the US does wrong in developing countries contrasted with what the USSR did right, with advice for how the US could do better (the Ugly American is the culturally sensitive good guy, not the butt of the satire). I believe it was an inspiration for the founding of the Peace Corps.
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