Looking for pro-vaccination testimonials, video form
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I have been tasked to find a specific kind of pro-vaxx video, and I am failing. Badly. Nurse-spouse has asked me to find videos for her vaccine-hesitant patients, specifically testimonials from folks who have overcome their hesitancy because they wanted to protect other people, see grandchildren again, hell, at this point just to go to bars, but ideally because they wanted to protect other people if not themselves.

I am striking out with the searches I've been doing, though I'm finding lots of talking heads talking ABOUT overcoming vaccine hesistancy.

Do you have any such videos that you can recommend? Ideally English-language, but if you know some really awesome ones in another language, I am not opposed.
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Response by poster: Oh, and she also mentions specifically people saying "I can't get my ____ important medical treatment until COVID is under control, so you need to get vaccinated."
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So you actually need people to SAY that, or would news narration of cases where people died because all ICU beds are taken by COVID cases work?
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I haven’t deeply perused the site, but there might be something on here: https://www.sorryantivaxxer.com/

Most of the antiva turned pro vaccine change of heart/redemption stories I’ve seen are purely text posts, unfortunately…
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Don't know if you can see this outside Canada: https://mobile.twitter.com/cbcmarketplace/status/1218309947907346432 it's not about COVID though. Another article about Tara Hills: https://outline.com/5sSRWJ

(Sorry on phone)
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Maybe this?? Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom
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This tiktok by an ICU nurse has been making the rounds, and summarizes the ICU experience pretty powerfully.
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The Ad Council has resources including this grandparent video. They have a number of others, including several with encouragements from former presidents, if spouse's parents have a fave.
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"I got vaccinated to protect myself, to protect my family, my community, and a little baby I have on the way..." Pediatrician @DoctoraEdith (Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez), YouTube clip. An Unvaccinated TikTok User Begged Others Not to Repeat Her Mistake was a news story earlier this week. I would try tiktok/facebook for vid testimonials; sort for posters in Florida first, as text articles, without video clips, meeting your criteria are sadly common lately.
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Reading your update: I think "plea" videos may be a separate category from vaccine-hesitant-turned-vaccine-having testimonials? In case it helps at all: The father of a baby hospitalized with Covid-19 pleads with people to get vaccinated
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Response by poster: Okay, that last one is closer to what we're looking for.

I think the vibe we're looking for is less "I did the right thing for my family and society," and more "this is the only way I see grandchildren," or my favorite "I have a depressed immune system, please don't kill me."
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NYC Pastor vaccine testimonial.

NYC vaccine commercials.
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This CTV News video from Toronto has a few brief interviews with vaccine-hesitant people who are getting vaccinated at a vaccination site.
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Best answer: - Family makes plea to the unvaccinated as they fight to protect daughter with leukemia
- Wife of COVID patient makes vaccine plea
- Lateasa McLean’s stance on COVID-19 vaccination has changed after a devastating hospital stay (received vaccine in an update to original video)
- Family of San Diego COVID-19 victim makes vaccine plea
- A professor at the University of Georgia has a child with a rare medical disorder, pleads with the university's board and students ahead of a home college football game
-"The fact that I have patients begging for a vaccine when they're taking their final breaths is obscene." [T]hat realization is convincing their families to finally get vaccinated
- Florida teen speaks out after Covid-19 sent her to the ICU
- Nurses are sharing horror stories of unvaccinated patients battling COVID-19 in hopes they will persuade others to get the shot.
- Pediatrician: No age group being spared from COVID
- Tears and screams of joy as grandparents and kids reunite
- Post-vaccination reunions; A post-COVID, fully vaccinated reunion; See happy families get back together - after their vaccinations
- This hug between Evelyn Shaw and her granddaughter has been a year in the making; Grandpa finally hugs grandchildren for the first time after getting COVID-19 vaccine; post-vaccine, grandparents meet Knoxville grandson for first time; roundup: Some very touching post-vaccine reunions have been captured on video over the past few months
- Firefighter's family also said that regret for not getting a COVID vaccine were some of the last words he uttered
- Oklahoma woman begs people to get vaccinated as husband (27, unvaccinated, and hospitalized with COVID-19) fights for life
- Unvaccinated patient in hospital pleads for others to get vaccine
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I work for the health department in Seattle and you can find a bunch of short videos like this on our social media! Look around in the Facebook posts here.
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From down south:

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Response by poster: You are all fabulous people. Look in the mirror, look at the helpers.
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Here is a new video, from a hospital in Washington State, of what it is like in their ICU.

The poster’s description:

Hi, I have been on this subreddit since July, but i have been a healthcare worker throughout this whole pandemic, the last 18 months plus. The hospital I work at in eastern Washington State is one of the largest in the region, and at the beginning of this pandemic we were one of the only hospitals in the country with a Special Pathogens Unit ( usually used for Ebola and TB). The region i live in is also one of the biggest for anti-vax; we are right on the state border with Idaho, and there are literally people I work with IN THE HOSPITAL that don’t believe in getting the vaccine, even after all of this. On Oct. 18th, my hospital (and most likely many more providence hospitals) will be taking any worker not vaccinated within reason off of the schedules. Already short staffed, patient loaded hospitals will be even shorter staffed with no end to this pandemic in sight. To try to help with this crisis and to convince people to take this seriously, for the first time ever my hospital let a local camera crew into our ICU; they show first hand accounts of covid patients in the ICU being prone positioned and intubated; they show the first hand accounts of nurses and doctors who have been doing this everyday for almost 2 years. This is the video I send to people now who still don’t think it’s real. I have been at this hospital for 5 years; in the first 3 years there, I did 2 post mortem cares (cleaning and wrapping up deceased patients to be sent to the morgue); in the last 18months, I have done 15 of them, and I don’t even work on the main covid floors. This subreddit has helped me feel not so alone in this. When everyone around me is saying “stop overreacting it’s not that serious” but all I’m seeing is death around me everyday, it’s can be very confusing and frustrating. So thank you for taking the time to watch the video or to send it to someone.
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