Help me improve my air quality!
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I'm looking for a combo space heater/fan/air purifier, and every time I find one I like [read: under $600] the evil shopping site tells me they don't ship to California.

The message from the evil shopping site tells me:

"This product does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements, and cannot be shipped to California"

I'm the last one trying to make air quality in California worse, but I still need some sort of small combination heating/cooling/air purifying machine.

It's for one room, not an entire house. Ideally, it would be tower shaped because I need a small footprint, and oscillating so it covers the entire room. Please believe me when I say I don't have the spoons to DIY something, and I absolutely cannot afford a $600 Dyson to improve one room.

Can you help?
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention that I'm looking for a single appliance because I have limited electrical outlets I'm trying not to overload.

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I've run into this. Look for the model you want on eBay. The bigger professional sellers may cancel your order, but you should be able to find someone willing to ship it.
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I successfully bought a Coway AP-1512HH on Amazon and had it shipped to California; you may see reviewers complaining about orders being cancelled but at the time I ordered all of those complaints related to a different unit and Amazon in their wisdom was confusing listings for two different models.

...the problem is because California has strict ozone regulations and some purifiers produce ozone in the course of their normal operation, and other purifiers refuse to say how much ozone they create so they're not allowed until they do. The AP-1512HH doesn't produce ozone.

The shape is not what you're after, as it is intended to sit along a wall, and it does not oscillate (sucks in through the front, exhausts upward) but if I run it in my central hallway it will clean the air in my entire house (1350sf) if I let it run for a while (YMMV I have good window seals) and I have the AC on (one of my air returns is in that central hallway, so having the AC on circulates the air through the house). It's been two years so far, it was cheap and works really really well.
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I think you should get fan/air purifier separate from space heater. The former uses very little electricity and would not overload a circuit to be shared with a space heater. Filters are somewhat flammable and don't make good sense to be right next to a heater.

I have a space heater which is under 8 inches cubed and cost me $15 (at Goodwill, to be fair.) This one is tiny and cheap. Now you have a far wider range of air purifiers to choose from.
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I bought a Levoit (also in CA) and like it. You definitely don't want one of the non-approved air purifiers because they're bad for your health.
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Whoops, sorry, just saw that you need a space heater...I also think this should be a separate machine.
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Here is a list of air purifiers certified for sale in CA:

If you filter on “heat” you might find some options
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