Microphone for iPhone
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I am filming some informational videos with my iPhone 11 and I need a microphone to assist with sound quality.

I've filmed videos using the iPhone audio before and I want to up my game - last time we got too much background noise from crickets, etc.

A lapel mic that is wireless, user-friendly and no more than $100-150 is what I'm imagining but i am open to other suggestions as well.
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Here’s a possibility from B&H PhotoVideo. They specialize in AV gear; they’ll even answer questions on the phone before you buy. They observe all Jewish holidays so they’re closed until Thursday September 9.
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Best answer: For iphone, the usual recommendation is IRig Mic or for lavaliers, iRig Mic Lav
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Response by poster: The iRig Mic Lav looks great, but the iPhone 11 doesn't have a headphone jack, just the lightning connector (grrrr) and it looks like that's not compatible.
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Best answer: Apple makes a Lightning-to-3.5mm-headphone-jack adapter. And, surprisingly, it's not too terribly priced.
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Best answer: iRig Mic Lav works through the lightning to audio dongle.
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Response by poster: Thank you all!
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