Where are the gourmet cherry slices?
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Here in the United States, there's a candy known as cherry slices (see photo at link). It's very sugary. Are there any versions of this that have less sugar and more cherry flavor? Or at least versions that have more cheery flavor?
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Best answer: Hmm - while I can't be incredibly helpful, one snack that scratched the same itch as a more flavorful, less sugary version of those are the trader Joe's fruit jellies.

obviously buy them at a trader Joe's, not here, but this is what they look like.
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Best answer: Jelly Belly Cherry Sours, perhaps.

The citrus versions, orange slices, etc., are referred to as jellies so that may help you search.
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Best answer: I would look for cherry pâtes de fruits, which, as the name ("fruit paste") suggests, are made with actual fruit puree in addition to sugar and pectin (gumdrop-like candies like your cherry slices can be thickened with pectin, corn starch, gelatin or agar) and without corn syrup or artificial flavourings.
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Best answer: I don’t know if it’s as good as you want, but I greatly prefer Boston Fruit Slices to these. I usually get them as an assortment, but you can get a single flavor in a 5 lb bulk box.
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Best answer: I also think 'soft' jellied candy slices are more flavorful, and I prefer the different texture, too. (Cherry, Black Cherry slices; similar Cherry Jelly Gems.) If you like cherries and chewiness, try Wild Cherry Chews when they're back in stock.

For wedge-shaped 'chewy' cherry slices similar to your linked picture, nutrition info via Easy Comforts: 2 pieces (27g) = 90 calories, 23g total carb, total sugars 19g.

Example of soft 'agar jelly' cherry fruit slices at ohnuts.com, regular size serving of 3 pieces (42g) = 140 calories, 34g total carb; dietary fiber 1g, total sugars 13g. Some companies make a mini sized slice, where 10 pieces equal a regular serving size.

Sugar-free 'soft jelly' fruit slices at Easy Comforts (flavor mix incl. cherry), sweetened with Splenda and Maltitol, 3 pieces (42g) = 70 calories, 28g total carb -- where 'sugar alcohol 27g' makes up most of that. Boston Fruit Slices, linked above, also makes a sugar-free version with a similar 'sugar alcohol' nutritional breakout, but again, it's cherry flavor as part of an assortment.
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Do you get Cherry Blasters in the States? They're pretty good, like cherry flavoured sour keys. Canadian kids swear by 'em
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