Google Home Mini for Morning and Nighttime Kindergarten Routine.
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My son is starting JK and I would like to use our two google home minis to aid in our nighttime and morning routines. In particular, I want A) A wake-up alarm that plays a specific song B) Some specific reminders (think "Bedtime routine starts in 20 /10/5/2 minutes" and "It's bedtime" etc.) that I would set up to happen either at specific times or X minutes after I trigger a bedtime or morning routine. Ideally I would like it to be possible to vary the start times or trigger times.

For the alarm, it's a song I have. However, I have not paid for any music streaming service to operate via google. Nor do I wish to just to play a specific alarm song.

For alarms/triggers, I'm thinking the start of bedtime might vary depending on whether or not it's a bath night (and for bath nights I would want an "ok, get out of the tub now)" reminder. Since "Tidy up" is also part of our bedtime routine, I might want to start it earlier if the mess might require longer.

I'm also thinking I might want to change the "time to leave" signs in the winter since winter clothes will take longer to put on and depending on the weather, walking may take longer.

Oh, and I would want some alarms/reminders to play in the living room and some in the bedroom.

So A) How do I set this up and B) How do I / can I do it with a mix of "time since start" and "actual clock time" alarms?

I am aware I will probably need two bedtime routines for bath nights and non-bathnights. That's fine, I guess.
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Have you looked at this from Google? I think with a free Spotify account you should be able to make it work.
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I was able to set up routines for my Google speaker with the screen using the Google Home app. I set up different routines by the day of the week. Ao, if bath day is Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, you can set up a routine for those days and a different routine for the other days. I am pretty sure it can do reminders, but I don't use that so not 100%sure. I play a song for my morning alarm. It is something I own that I put in my account on YouTube Music. I think it will play anything available on YouTube Music even stuff you don't own but is available for streaming.

Can also link to Spotify.
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Would it work to make a long audio file with all the reminders in something like Audacity? That seems like the easiest way to be able to start a complex routine on demand and also schedule it to play at certain times. Not sure how this would interact with using the speaker for other things while the routine is playing.

Once you have audacity installed and know the basics, it will also be easy to update the routine as needed.
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