Wireless microphone with separate speaker
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I am curious about a wireless microphone headset for a teacher -- preferably with a remote speaker. Budget under $100. Battery should last the school day, but charging each night is fine. Can anyone suggest a specific unit, or general principles of the things, or pitfalls to avoid?

My daughter is teaching grade school is a big, old Catholic school. Her fabric mask muffles her voice, but she needs it to carry to the kids in the back.

A neighbor who teaches first grade says that she uses a wireless mic, but didn't tell me any details about it.

I would like to see if I can find a possible solution for my daughter, but I know zero about this stuff. Thanks!!!
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Best answer: Since we are not using portable classrooms (no ventilation), I am currently teaching screaming through a mask in a giant cafeteria filled with thunderous white noise as other students come in from recess on their squeaky damn shoes with their excited voices and grab their lunches behind my students. 🤦‍♀️Thanks, coronavirus!

I asked this same question in a few teacher groups and several people suggested this mic/speaker setup, as did a choir teacher friend who had her tonsils out mid year a couple years ago. No remote speaker, though. It arrives Sunday and I’ll try and remember to report back, but it’s cheap enough it seemed worth the gamble to me.
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Response by poster: Can I just buy any Bluetooth speaker, and any Bluetooth lavalier mic?

What about UHF versus 2.4GHz versus Bluetooth?
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I do not have specific advice but I feel like Bluetooth is probably bad for this application. I have seen the device charmedimsure linked, linked elsewhere recently, for whatever that’s worth. I despise using wireless for Mission-critical stuff, so I’d probably just go with that.
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Best answer: Looks like there's a wireless version of the speaker & mic combo charmedimsure linked to, for a few dollars more. UHF and it also comes with a wired mic.

All things considered, I'd say it's worth a shot.

Can I just buy any Bluetooth speaker, and any Bluetooth lavalier mic?

I don't see why not. Although IMO a headset would be better than a lavalier, having the mic closer to her mouth is better. (Also, finding useable places to clip a lav on women's clothing is often harder than you might think.)

What about UHF versus 2.4GHz versus Bluetooth

Bluetooth has limited range & is prone to dropouts/disconnecting. I mean, it's not like she's presenting at the MegaCorp shareholders meeting, so it's probably not a big deal, but, eh *shrug*, I'd go another route if I had the choice.

2.4 ghz is WiFi, it's the new trend in cheap music instrument wireless, and I've already seen a bunch of instances where it works fine in soundcheck and then fails at showtime as all the audience's phones start pinging around, interfering with the signal. Maybe not such a danger during the day in school, but I generally don't trust it.

If you can get UHF, I'd do that.
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I don't think Bluetooth would work. I have a hard time imagining even how to pair a mic with a speaker by poking buttons or something on each to get them paired. There's a bit more of a computer sort of thing in the middle to pair with the mic (input) and the speaker (output) that could be a PITA if it even works. You could probably pick up a crusty old wired microphone and portable amplifier with a speaker from a pawn shop that would drown out everything else. The tour-guide things look pretty cool.
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Best answer: I have the exact model that soundguy99 linked to and the wireless mic setup works perfectly in my standard-size kindergarten classroom. I haven't used the music streaming function, so I don't have any tips about that. Some things to consider about the mic/speaker:

- The speaker clips on, so your daughter will need to consider where to clip it (waistband, apron pocket, etc.) during the workday. It is lightweight, but I wouldn't slide it onto any delicate fabrics just in case I snagged it on something while moving around the room.

- I prefer to wear the headband around the back of my neck and bend the mic up in front of my mouth rather than wear it like a customer service headset (which seems to give me tension headaches - yuck). Wearing it around my neck doesn't seem to impact the sound quality in any way.
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Best answer: Update: used it all week, and it works great. I just clip it to my pants pocket. The kids thanked me for getting it. The cheap mic does need to be basically touching my mask to work, but that’s fine.
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