Best smelling non-antiperspirant deodorant that doesn’t stain clothes
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I recently started using antiperspirant wipes that I only need to use once a week. I just need a little something to cover up the small amount of odor/dampness that occurs overnight without being too heavy duty. And as above, I’d prefer if it smelled interesting and didn’t stain my clothes.

I’m currently using Sweatblock wipes and Alvera “Aloe Herbal” roll on. The Alvera works great and doesn’t stain but the smell is just a bit too medicinal. I’ve tried their Aloe & Almonds and despite normally liking almond-y things it smells a bit powdery which gives me headaches.

I’ve used various Dove sensitive skin deodorants in the past, but they were a white solid that ruined my clothes over time and I had to be quite careful. I recently ordered a sample pack from Each & Every but I’m concerned that the coconut oil base will leave “grease marks.” However, the scents sound AMAZING (cardamom ginger, coconut lime, etc.)

Ideally I’d have something with the non staining properties of the Alvera but a bit more luxurious scent. Also to be clear, it can’t have any antiperspirant in it, the wipes can be very irritating if combined with another antiperspirant or used too frequently. Thanks!
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Best answer: Caveat that strong scents give me a headache, but I've been happy for years with Tom's of Maine. They have deodorant-only products (filter available on left side of page), and I've never had issues with white streaks or grease on my clothes. I use the Unscented deodorant, but their Apricot was also very nice when I tried it.
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Best answer: I love the scents from Each & Every and have had no staining or streaking on my clothes.
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I sometimes use antipersperant at night and Schmidt’s during the day - I really like the scents, especially Jasmine Tea. I prefer the sensitive skin formulation without baking soda. I haven’t had any problems with staining.
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Best answer: I use dove men + (gendered bath products are stupid) clean comfort 48 hour deodorant. It's a gel style that both I and one of my daughters use. I moved to Florida a long time ago and realized antiperspirant just... Doesn't... And that what I really hated was when the deodorant part failed so I tried a bunch and this is the one I like. Smells nice and has a few options. Doesn't stain or mark my clothes in anyway...
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I've been using Arm & Hammer Essentials for a while now, because I was tired of ruining shirts. As far as I can tell, it doesn't have any anti-perspirants, but you can check the list of ingredients here. They smell nice, but (at least for me) are only moderately effective - a midday re-up is often necessary.

I will warn against the Ivory natural deodorants; I tried one or two and got a very unpleasant rash (though they do smell good).
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I suspect, based on the other products you mentioned, that you don't particularly want to smell like Popeye. But, I've been incredibly happy with Old Spice Original Formula since I discovered it years ago: no antiperspirant, won't stain anything, doesn't cause any problems on very sensitive and rash-prone skin, works alone as a deodorant for a very sweaty person.

You might try looking at other products that are translucent and have denatured alcohol and propylene glycol as major ingredients.
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Best answer: How do you feel about products you rub into your armpits with your fingers? What about products that are heavily

Little Seed Farms deodorant doesn't stain my clothes, and works great in the winter. I like the activated charcoal + mint scent, but it imay be too medicinal smelling for you. The deodorant doesn't cut it with my current situation of sweaty outdoor work wearing a thick polyester uniform, though. It could work for your needs. They sell sample packs of all their scents, or you can try two scents for free + shipping.

Like god hates math above, I use Arm and Hammer Essentials during the summer. It smells good, doesn't stain my clothes, but usually requires reapplication midday.

As a data point (possibly due to user error or over-application?), Schmidt's deodorant ruined several shirts with greasy stains. Smelled amazing though.
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Best answer: Salt and Stone in Santal.
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Best answer: Old Spice surprisingly has a BUNCH of interesting scents in their men's deodorants, which are non-staining. The one I wear smells like gummy bears. Their names are mostly unrelated to the scents, so go to a drugstore and sniff some.
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Best answer: I use acids. As in, AHA & BHAs used for facial exfoliation. Used underarms, the slightly acidic ph impedes bacteria, which is the root cause of odor. There's no antiperspirant effect so you'll still sweat. No stain on clothes. I use Tarte Knockout acids because that's what I use on my face. The Ordinary's Glycolic acid toner is also popular. This article contains recs for products specifically formulated as acid based natural deoderants:
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