Afghan clothing
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I was reading/looking at this Esquire article about Kabul before the fall and am wondering about some of the clothing worn by the men. Specifically, these three men. What are these two-piece articles of clothing called? Is there a way to buy these from a person there? I would appreciate any information about this. Also would love to know about the scarf the first man is wearing. Thanks!
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Best answer: The clothing looks like salwar kameez. Not sure about the scarf.
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Best answer: The scarf is called a dismaal.
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Response by poster: Thank you! Is there a way to buy these from somebody in Afghanistan?
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Best answer: Shalwar kameez are worn all over Central and South Asia; you can buy them on Amazon or a thousand other places, including somewhere with a changing room like Amrapali Boutique, for instance (though typically shops like this specialize in higher-end clothing for weddings and special occasions, so they may only stock more glamorous versions than you're looking for).
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Best answer: I would suggest perusing etsy to see if you can find a shop of Afghan origin if you'd like to buy from residents specifically, but actually shipping out of Afghanistan may be troublesome at this time (which is something etsy punishes shops for, so probably those shops are temporarily closed for now). You might also look for an Afghan-owned storefront or esty shop in your local region.
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Best answer: you can buy these in Indian/Pakistani clothing stores in US or online.
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Response by poster: Thank you!!
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Best answer: Indian/Pakistani stores may also label the men's version as a kurta-pyjama -- yes, this is where the English word comes from -- or sherwani (fancier). Searching salwar-kameez may return only the women's versions.
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Best answer: My Afghan aquaintance says this type of men's outfits are called perahan o tumban, and the heavy quilted jacket chapan.
She said there are online shops selling those but was not sure which ship to the US (we live in Austria).
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