Private prescription for ADHD in England.
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I have been diagnosed with ADHD by the NHS in England. I am now stuck in a loop with getting the Concerta XL recommended by the psychiatrist who diagnosed me. How do I get a private prescription?

I've got paperwork from the psychiatrist who diagnosed me discussing the dosage. I'd wait until the NHS mental health trust who diagnosed me and my GP surgery stop tussling about who pays for my medication for it but that could take months and I am happy to pay for it myself. What is the pathway for doing this? I am so lost!
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Best answer: It's pretty common for GPs to not be willing to write prescriptions for ADHD at all (even with the diagnosis from the psychiatrist.) Will the psych not write a prescription for you? I'd call the office and consult them if possible.

Hopefully others will have more UK-specific answers, but failing that, what the UK does have is a lot of private ADHD clinics. You would like have to get re-diagnosed but they would write for you, which is a win.
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Best answer: I don’t have an answer for you, but recommend asking the ‘U.K. Women with ADHD’ Facebook group—it’s a very active group and someone there may have had and solved a similar problem.
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