I upgraded to YouTube Premium and it has no forward/rewind shortcuts
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I can't find any shortcuts to fast forward, fast rewind on my new YouTube Premium

With regular YouTube, I could use shortcut keys to fast forward, but I can't see how to do that with Youtube Premium.
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I am confused. I have had YouTube premium for years and the interface is identical to regular YouTube. It just doesn’t have ads. Are you using an app or something? Or just the regular YouTube website?
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Which shortcut keys did you use? You can get a list of all the shortcut keys YouTube supports with the [SHIFT]+? keyboard combo. While there are plenty of shortcuts for skipping around in the video or increasing/decreasing playback speed, I don't know specifically what you mean by "fast forward" or "fast rewind" in the context of YouTube.

Seconding that Premium should be identical to normal YouTube in terms of video playback UI; I have Premium and opened a private window to be sure and I saw that signed-out YouTube has the same shortcut list.
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On an iPad (using the site) I double-tap the sides of the video to advance and rewind. On desktop, same but use Option+arrow key twice. Single tap in center, or space bar, to pause.
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Double-tap on touch screen, arrow keys on devices w/ keyboards. Thirding that there is not a separate YouTube Premium app.
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Did you somehow download a different app that calls itself YouTube Premium? Because the above commenters are correct, the YouTube Premium controls are the same as standard YouTube, because it's the same app. You upgrade your existing YouTube account, which gets you the added features in the same app.

Can you clarify what type of device you're using, how you're getting to YouTube, how you used to fast forward/rewind before you got Premium, and what happens when you do that same thing now?
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