Modern Day Western + ghost story
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I've been trying to find examples of Westerns (movies only) that are also ghost stories. I've found a number of Old West ghost story movies, but nothing set in the present day. Do you know any?
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There's a series of 3 novels by Deborah Coates, starting with (IIRC) Wide Open, which are ghost story/supernatural mysteries set in modern rural South Dakota. It's about as close as I can think of. They're quite good.
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Response by poster: @suelac were any movie adaptations made of the Coates books? Looking for films only.
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How do you define a Western set in the present day? Can you give some examples? Once you strip out Old West trappings like cowboys, horses, saloons, etc., what is a Western?
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Response by poster: @ursula I guess I mean the kind of genre that the tv series "Yellowstone," and the films "Hell or High Water," "No Country for Old Men," " The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada," and "Wind River" inhabit.
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Ah, so sorry, I missed the "movies only" requirement. Good luck!
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Best answer: There's Ghost Town, which is set in a ghost town in Arizona. It's more of a horror movie than a ghost story. Reviews don't seem to be great, but maybe it fits.
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Best answer: OK, there's Curse of the Forty-Niner, Devil Rider and Ghost Town. Also, maybe, House II, if you squint. Now, as payment for the time I wasted Googling, I insist that you tell me why you need to know this!
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Best answer: It's set in the Northeast, but ghosts feature prominently in Mi'kmaq filmmaker Jeff Barnaby's Rhymes for Young Ghouls.
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My "insisting" was a joke that didn't land, but I really am curious. Is this for an essay or a movie night, or what?
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Response by poster: @ursulahitler -- just sprung from a conversation about genre mash-ups!
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