Looking for a wireless doorbell the plays a simple, short sound
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I am looking to buy a basic wireless doorbell - not "smart", no camera. The hard part has been finding one that plays a short sound, just one or two notes. "Ding-dong" would be fine. But the minimum I've found is two ding-dongs.

So far I have found it extremely difficult to find anything that plays a reasonable chime sound that lasts less than 5 seconds. Several advertise "ding-dong" sounds, but when I tried them out, they actually played: "ding dong [pause] ding dong". Every other sound they make is even longer, like a verse of a song or something. Of course this is all played on an abysmal-quality speaker trying to make a really loud noise, so it being long is undesirable.

I would be satisfied with just a one or two note sound. Any leads? Specific products, or ideas of what to search for?
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Best answer: We had a Honeywell Series 3 in our office and chime #1 seems like what you are looking for. $24 on Amazon.
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search term: mechanical doorbell
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Fancy example search result
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